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Hayfield HS Bands Calendar

- madatory for band members

August 2015

17-21 Night Rehearsals 5pm-8pm*( competition marching band)

24-28 Band Rehearsals, 8am-5pm*(competition marching band)

28 Exhibition/Pot Luck Dinner 6pm*( competition marching band)

31- orientation 7am*( competition marching band)

31-Sept.3 Night Rehearsals5pm-8pm*( competition marching band)

September 2015

3- AWAY FOOTBALL GAME- Edison*( friday&competition marching band)

8,9,10-marching band rehearsals 3:15-5:15pm*(competition marching band)

11–HOME FOOTBALL GAME- Tuscarora*( friday&competition marching band)

         3:15pm-5:00pm rehearsal

         5:00pm-dinner (sponsored by band)

         5:30pm- Dress for game

         7:00pm- Game

        10:00pm- dismissed

12-TAG DAY #1 8am-2:30pm*( friday&competition marching band)

15,16,17marching band  Rehearsals 3:15-5:15pm*(competition marching band)

18 –AWAY FOOTBALL GAME- South County*( friday&competition marching band)

19-TAG DAY #2*( friday&competition marching band)

22,23,24-marching band rehearsals 3:15-5:15pm*(competition marching band)

25 –HOME FTBLL GME- Washington&Lee*( friday&competition marching band)

26- HERNDON COMPETITION, Herndon HS*(competition marching band)

29,30 10/1-marching band rehearsals 3:15-5:15pm*(competition marching band)

28 Senior regional Auditions at TJHSST (optional)

October 2015

1- High School Band Booster Meeting 7pm band room

1- Marching Band Rehearsal-3:15-5:15pm*(competition marching band)

2 -HOME FOOTBALL GAME- McLean*( friday&competition marching band)

6,7,8-marching band rehearsals 3:15-5:15pm*(competition marching band)

9–AWAY FOOTBALL GAME- Fairfax HS*( friday&competition marching band)

10- STAFFORD HS MARCHING COMPETITION*(competition marching band)

13,14,15-marching band rehearsals 3:15-5:15pm*(competition marching band)

14Fruit Sale Begins

16-HOMECOMING GAME – Langley*( friday&competition marching band)

      Rehearsal, parade, dinner, game.

20,21,22-marching band rehearsals 3:15-5:15pm*(competition marching band)

23–AWAY FOOTBALL GAME- Yorktown*( friday&competition marching band)

24-VBODA MARCHNG BAND ASSESSMENT*(competition marching band)

27,28,29-marching band rehearsals 3:15-5:15pm*(competition marching band)

30-SENIOR GAME-South Lakes*( friday&competition marching band)

November 2015

1-HAYFIELD FARMS PARADE *(competition marching band)

     1:30pm Meet at Hayfield Farms Pool, end of Hayfield Farms Road.

     band room open at 12:30-1pm hour before, and directly after    parade.

6–AWAY FOOTBALL GAME- Madison*( friday&competition marching band)

11-- MARCHING BAND AWARDS -6:00p ( friday&competition marching band)

13,20 possible football playoff performances*( friday&competition marching band)

December 2015

4 Fruit Delivery & Pick-up

11 Tiny Tots Concert (w.e.)9:30am*( w.e.)

12 All District Band Auditions-FallsChurch HS*( w.e.)
14JAZZ BAND- AP Scholar Awards 6pm

January 2016

20 night rehearsal 6-8pm*( w.e.)

27 night rehearsal6-8pm*( w.e.)

February 2016

3 night rehearsals 6-8pm*( w.e.)

4-6 All district Band

10 night rehearsal  6-8pm*( w.e.)

18 CONCERT *7pm, no night rehearsal this week

24 night rehearsal 6-8pm*( w.e.)

27 all state band auditions (at JMU)

March 2016
2 -night rehearsal 6-8pm*( w.e.)

4-Band Festival/assessment *(symphonic band)

5- Band Festival/assessment * (wind ensemble)

21-25 spring break

April 2016
6,13,20-Spring Trip Band Rehearsal 6pm-8pm

7-9 all state band weekend

23-  Solo & Ensemble

May 2016

2,4,9,11,16,18,23,25 Drum Major Clinics, Color Guard Clinics 3:15pm-4:15pm

9-23 Auditions for 2016-2017 bands, during class periods

10 Band Booster Meeting 7pm Band Room

June 2016

7 Band Concert, 7:00pm*

3-6Drum Major Auditions, during band classes

13Music Dept. Awards -pot luck dessert

17 Graduation, 4:30pm *( w.e.)

20 Marching Band Clinic, 12noon-2pm

August 2016

15-19 Night Rehearsals 5pm-8pm*(competition marching band)
22-26Band Rehearsals, 9am-5pm*(competition marching band)
26 Exhibition/Pot Luck Dinner 6pm*(competition marching band)

29-Sept.1  Night Rehearsals5pm-8pm*(competition marching band)

9/2-orientation 7am*(competition marching band)


Hayfield Secondary School
7630 Telegraph Road
Alexandria, Virginia, 22315
703-924-7400 School Main Office
703-924-2180  Band Office
Patrick Burke, Director of Bands