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Charms is a music organizational program. FCPS, through Hayfield Secondary, is implimenting this program for all high school band programs this year. There are many aspects to this program that that will be beneficial to our program. However we will be focusing on the financial aspects this year,and adding other parts going forward. 

One of the outstanding parts of this program is communication. We ask that all band parents visit the CHARMS sight and register.Once you sign up and fill out the information requested, you will be able to view information regarding your childs band program. However, our first goal is fees.This is the mandatory Marching Band fee and later the spring trip.  You will be able to check fee status, and even pay online. Booster finances will continue to be run through the boosters, and not through this program.

Please read the following information attached below, then sign up and fillout the CHARMS forms.

Accessing Parent/Student Information

1.      Navigate to Charms landing page at www.charmsoffice.com .

2.      Log on:

a.       Click the green “ENTER” button, and then click “Parents/Students/Members” from the drop down menu. The Charms Parents/Students/Member Area log in screen will display,

b.      Enter School Name in Your School Code  field

c.       Click ‘Enter Charms’ button.  The screen will display asking for Student Area Password


d.      Enter your Student’s FCPS ID Number. Click Enter. The Charms Home page will display.

Change Password

To change Password from Student ID (Acceptable to leave as student ID):

a.       From the Home page, click the Change Password icon – The Change Student Password screen will display

b.      Enter Student ID in the Old Password field

c.       Enter new password into the New Password field and Confirm New Password fields (must be at least 9 characters)

d.      Enter a hint that will be helpful in remembering the new password in the New Password Hint field.

e.       Click Change Password button- The Home page will display.

Note: For all future logins, the new password will be entered into the Student Area Password field

Update Information

Verify Student Information (Important for effective communication with teacher):

a.       From the Home page, click the Update Info icon – The Update Student Detail screen will display.

b.      Confirm student’s information

c.       Enter any changes and click the Update button - The screen will refresh displaying changes.

d.      Click the Home icon to return to Homepage


To view Finances for Students:

a.       From the Home page, click the Finances icon. The Student Financial Statement screen will display.

b.      Total Balance due – is a total of all monies due. Balances from previous years are listed under Student Miscellaneous Ledger Detail – this includes money still owed from previous years.

c.       Positive Balances will be automatically applied towards student’s fee and trip balance

d.      Sample of a student financial record can be found on the last page of this handout.

Make a Payment through SchoolPay

1.      From the Home page, click the Finances icon – Student Financial Statement will display.

2.      To make a payment:

a.       Click on desired Payment button, a screen will display

b.      Click the Pay button – Charms will connect to SchoolPay

c.       Enter payment information/make payment

d.      Click Return to Charms to complete the process and display the updated Student’s record reflecting the payment.

Email Staff

To contact Band Director:

a.       From the Home page, click Email Staff icon – The Email Directors screen  will display a list of available staff members

b.      Click envelope next to name of staff member to contact.

Logging Off

1.      When all desired actions are completed, exit Charms by clicking the red Exit Charms button.

Log in/School Code: FCPSHayfieldSSBand
Password: FCPS Student ID number
   some have a different number- Request this from Mr. Burke

Hayfield Secondary School
7630 Telegraph Road
Alexandria, Virginia, 22315
703-924-7400 School Main Office
703-924-2180  Band Office
Patrick Burke, Director of Bands